– How Mobile Apps Are Changing Retail

Rather than assuming that mobile and online marketing is ‘killing the high street’ and retail, some big brands are embracing technology and using Mobile Apps to add to the in-store experience.

“Nearly three out of four (71%) of shoppers now access their phone while in stores to read product reviews, compare prices, navigate aisles, check out, pay or look for gift inspiration ahead of the holidays. That number is up 15% from 2017, and increasingly, retailers are answering consumers’ rapidly changing expectations through the mini computers in nearly everyone’s pocket.” (Mobile Marketer – Dec 10th, 2018)


How Are Retailers Using Mobile Technology in Their Stores?

1. Apps as in-store tour guides:

By creating Apps that have special in-store features that guide the user through the store and is tailored to the individual’s preferences.


2. Unique In-App Content

Using Apps that show unique content for the store such as providing product/brand specific info such as trade-in values for gaming, DVD’s or mobile phones for example.

How could you use something like this to improve your customer’s in-store experience?


3. Special Discount For Using Your App

Create an App that allows customers to search, scan and browse in-store items and offer a discount code that can be scanned at check-out to encourage them to buy.

These are just 3 ways to use Apps to improve the customer experience and drive more sales.

Are you embracing the new mobile trend in your retail business?

How can you add something similar to your service based business?

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