A Blog Content Bonanza Strategy

This is day 1 of our 21 Day Blogging Challenge in the Facebook Group – Creative Writing tips.

It seems appropriate to help those taking part to come up with ideas.

Blog Subject Finding Strategy

Where do you find inspiration for blog subjects when you’re posting daily (frequently)?

 Here is a strategy and a list of ideas:

  1. Get away from a PC/tablet and use pen and paper – remember that stuff?
    Get out of your office in to a coffee shop or neutral location where you can let your creativity flow. Put the Tablet away!!! And the phone – switch everything off!! This is ‘Do Not Disturb’ time. 
  1. Take your Niche and write it at the top of a blank page as a title. 
  1. List as many sub- subjects or areas of subject matter as you can. For instance as an NLP Trainer I can Choose areas of NLP subject matter and areas which they frequently apply (Business, Health, Relationships). If you have a clearly defined sub-niche this can be even more honed. 
  1. Now for each sub heading – list ten things you can write about – 10 blog headings if you like

 You’ve now created a plan for hopefully around 60 blogs. This is how my blog began and then I stepped away for some years – so back to strategy creation for me.

Using this also allows you to group ideas together so that they can be repurposed as an e-book later. Forward plan it if you can. If you were writing a book on the subject what are the topics you would cover. Even search similar books on amazon and grab the content pages to give ideas.

  • Interviews
  • Multi Media blogs
  • Repurposing previous blogs
  • Hold a contest
  • Ask your audience
  • Ask your friends
  • Ask on Social Media
  • Research a new area
  • Choose a book that you have learned from, pick a number, turn to that page and choose a phrase that inspires you (some of my best blogs come from this J)
  • Best practice techniques
  • What not to do and why
  • Create a tribe, a following, a cause, an event – something you can get people inspired by and behind

How to Create A List of Content Ideas:

  • Brainstorm with your kids – they are so creative! Don’t criticise! Allow everything! You can review later. I have a whole 3 month plan from this activity for my new brand and niche.
  • How is your niche affected by holidays, seasonal variances, Festive dates?
  • Current hot topics in your niche? Discuss, disagree, research.
  • Take a popular opinion and present the alternative – devil’s advocate
  • Write a personal story with a lesson
  • Create a review: book, software, audio, interview, report…
  • Your reaction to breaking news
  • How to’s
  • Answer Frequently Asked Questions or client questions
  • Subtly promote a new product
  • Whatever inspires you in the moment
  • Create a discussion around a key topic – ask for feedback
  • What are the biggest problems your readers face? – Present solutions and tips
  • Take a topic from a different industry that you can apply to give a different slant on yours. E.g. How a big name brand are marketing (Coca Cola) How can you apply that to your niche – even as a metaphor?
  • Present 10 top tips
  • X Steps to
  • What will happen next (from breaking news)?
  • Future Predicitions

Join the 21 Day Challenge

Thank you to the group for inspiring me to re-launch my blog.


If you would like to join the challenge this is the link:



See you in there!

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