I was listening to an excerpt from a Tony Robbins Live event before I went to sleep last night.

He was talking about standards. Specifically the standards we hold for ourselves.
He was saying that your life is a reflection of the standards you have for yourself.
It got me to thinking and reflecting about the past where my standards for myself were so high and I was asking myself ‘what has changed?’

I had a moment of sudden clarity that maybe in the past I haven’t been able to see before.


I pride myself on being flexible and I see that I have unwittingly compromised my standards by choosing to tolerate and accommodate the standards of others.

I know that from my marriage I had to let go of my standards in certain areas of my life as I was working flat out and did not have time or the resources to keep fighting against it. And there begins the slippery slope.

I see a continuous spiral of accommodating others and reducing my standards for myself a little at a time. Like the waves wearing down the cliffs.


Caring for my parents for four years meant my standards, my choices, my life being put on hold.

I listened to Tony last night and I got some big answers, some rude awakenings and information that only reinforces my choices to take drastic action this final quarter to face head on what isn’t working and demand more for and from myself.

Beginning with reviewing my standards, boundaries, beliefs, actions and where I spend my time. I am cutting out all TV, DVD’s and movies in favour of books, training and creation, setting myself a fitness goal and of course pouring passion and energy into my services. I spent the weekend planning how I want to end the year and begin 2019, not only externally but who I want to be showing up as by the end of the year.  A woman of high standards.

How are you planning to end the year?

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