I’m just wrapping up some of my ‘tough’ tasks for the day. You know the ones I mean?

That’s right, the ones that scream ‘procrastination’!

I wanted to share with you how I overcame avoiding and procrastinating on the stuff I dislike or am resistant to with this simple strategy.

I think you’re going to Love this! 

It’s a quick 3 step strategy and it’s helped by a snazzy FREE App for your browser.

Step 1.

Identify what must be done and highlight those things that have been on your list for weeks, maybe months.

Be honest!

Sometimes I know I am so in avoidance I blank things from my mins, so a good ‘Incomplete’ brainstorm session really helps. 

Step 2.

Identify how long you think it will take you to complete the task and schedule it as a goal on your Daily Planner.

Sometimes just contemplating the time it will take helps me acknowledge the time and energy I have wasted avoiding it.

For example: I have been putting off writing a letter for months now and the crazy thing is that I aim to benefit from the outcome. What’s that about?

Today, following this very strategy, it’s done and off my ‘to do’ list and more importantly, off my mind!

Step 3.

Use a brilliant App called ‘Win the day’ which allows you to list your 3 goals for the day so you can tick them off as you complete them and allows for ‘focus time’.

‘Focus time’ is where you set a timer and the App blocks any pop-ups or interruptions that may come through your browser during the countdown of the timer.

I find this really helps focus the mind and avoid distractions and remember it’s free.

Go Do This!

So the next time you want to write that piece of content, write that email or even make that phone call, whatever it is for you, give this simple three step process a go.

Here’s the link to the App:


Go be productive!

And if this useful, please share!

How are you planning to end the year?

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