Awakened Entrepreneur Masterclass - A Financial Crisis Survival Guide

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A Financial Crisis Survival Guide: Live Workshop

Being able to bless the ones you love and protect your business and finances takes skill and planning. Learn the steps I have taken over the past 3 years and what I am doing now to protect myself, my family and my business in case of a Global financial collapse.

Learn How To:

- Prepare your personal insurance plan in the event of a Global Financial crisis. 
- Create a security blanket for your business and your family.
- Invest in real assets outside of the system, that will sustain through a Global Financial Collapse.
- Use alternate payment options


- Where you are - reality check.
- Practical Strategies you can implement now.
- Possibilities for capitalising.
- Current Opportunities for assets outside of the Central Bank and Fiat system.


Create an immediately implementable plan - craft a strategy and practical plan for you, your business and your family for  protecting your income and livelihood in the event of a financial crash. 

Plan, Prepare and Thrive So You Can Be Part of The Solution

If you have been asking yourself "What Can I Do ToThrive in a Financial Crash?" Then this is your opportunity to brainstorm, dig deep, challenge and create a plan for yourself and your family.

Sunday 4th June 2023 - 11 am UK
Limited to 40 attendees. 

If you are unsure of how to prepare to thrive through a global financial collapse, this short workshop cuts through the fluff and presents 5 options you can begin to take action on today!

I will give you the tools to navigate the choppy waters. I'll show you how to look at the entire picture, rather than just focusing on the immediate situation. I’ll help you to understand what changes can be made today that will have long-term benefits, as well as short-term relief. 

We are at a milestone moment for humanity, the planet, systems, structures, communities and business.

I am excited to facilitate a masterclass that helps you  identify the steps you want to take to create a secure foundation for you, your family and your business, and that invites you to go beyond previous paradigms to discover the possibilities and solutions for thriving through a financial collapse.

NOTE: this is an educational workshop based on my experience, knowledge and opinion, and is NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE.


Let us come together to explore, discuss, plan and  create strategies and plans for thriving, for yourself, your families and customers. 

(Only 40 spots available)


We are at a milestone moment for humanity, the planet, systems, structures, communities and business.

At the heart of successful entrepreneurship lies a strategy and plan. Without one, it’s impossible to make well-informed decisions, or set achievable goals. That’s why in the Awakened Entrepreneurs Masterclass, we’ll help you review your strategies and map out your plans - giving you the best chance of making it through the upcoming financial crisis and Global Reset.  

I am excited to facilitate a mastermind that goes beyond previous paradigms to explore the hidden opportunities to protect your wealth through a financial crisis. 

What Will You Learn? :

  • Intro - about 'How to navigate the upcoming financial crisis Masterclass'
  • What can you learn from this Global situation that will benefit your businesses and family, now?
  • What are the immediate steps you can take to begin to build a store of wealth?
  • How can you create a financial safety blanket for life and business?
  • What are the opportunities that are possible for growth and profit?
  • Create your 'first draft' plan
  • Choose your first actions for success

Join me in this unique workshop and learn how to become an Awakened Entrepreneur who thrives during a financial crisis..

NOTE: this is an educational workshop based on my experience, knowledge and opinion, and is NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE.


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Create an immediately implementable plan to thrive through the upcoming financial crisis.


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