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COMING September 27th 2023 -  Save the date for this FREE 3 part Mini series designed to show you how to step into your role as an Awakened Entrepreneur.
 If you want to understand a little more about the global chaos we are experiencing and how you can not only survive but thrive as an Awakened Entrepreneur through the coming months and years, then this series is for you.

Starting with how to navigate the coming financial crisis, the series focuses on how to take care of you and your business now, while preparing to expand and flourish, creating the future you want for yourself, your business and your children. 

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 Awakened Entrepreneurs thrive in the chaos and stay mentally resilient in the toughest of times.


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FREE 3 part Mini series - Launching September 27th 2023

In this short video series, I explore How to grow your business, expand your personal power and take back control of your life and business (so you can better serve humanity), during a Global struggle never experienced this lifetime.

My purpose is not to wake you up. I am assuming you wouldn’t be here if you weren’t already awake. There are many other excellent folks on the front line doing the awaking very successfully.

My purpose is to facilitate you in uncovering your purpose and path for yourself and your business at this time. I work with you to facilitate you to step into and expand your personal power so that you can create the future you want for yourself and your family through the coming months and years.

In Video 1 ‚Äď We take a look at current ‚Äėreality‚Äô - where we find ourselves and what this means for you and your business.¬†You are invited to take a reality check and explore where you are, what you want, why you want it as a first step toward identifying your 'North Star' which will guide you through these exceptional times.

I share the 7 steps I have implemented and that you can take now, to ensure your business and family’s survival. This is time sensitive. I want to help you get started before events overtake us.

In the second video I introduce you to a different perspective on the thriving through the biggest collapse of global systems in our history. I share three strategies I am using to detach from and work outside the failing systems so that I sustain my business and livelihood.

We explore how you can identify and take advantage of unprecedented opportunities that tend to emerge in a failing economy, so you can profit, while serving humanity through this.

In the Live Masterclass -  I reveal 5 crucial steps you can take to prepare to shelter yourself from the  impacts of the unfolding banking collapse in a way that will protect you, your family and business. The earlier you begin the more likely you are to stay ahead of the crisis.

We explore some of the parallel systems and economies that are emerging and how you can get involved to protect your existing wealth and to create the opportunity to build the world and economy you want to see.

I share how you can get your hands on some free bonus material which includes Crypto Basics (taking payments), An Overview of Alternative Business Systems and the top 5 Opportunities for Online Businesses in 2023

Who am I to do this?

Hi, I am Heather Masters.

I have over 35 years’ experience of consultancy in tech for the financial services industry.

I am a Master Business Coach, a Trainer of Nero Linguistic Programming and Tech and Content Creator.

I have lived through some tough personal challenges, especially over the past three years and have opened my mind, grown my resilience and created a foundation to support myself to be able to serve in the coming months and years, which could possibly be the toughest years we face during our lifetimes.

Even when working three basic wage jobs to survive, I prepped all that I could. I faced a dry run after the storms during the winter of 2021/22 and upped my game.

I researched and followed so-called gurus and was fooled and learned discernment.

I have faced the isolation and rejection that many of you have faced. I learned to stand for my truth, to do the inner work and to embrace my intuition and inner guidance when I realised the only truth we can rely on is our own at this time.

I learned how important community is and how separation leads to defeat. My coaching skills, online and offline business experience, my skills as a trainer, tech skills and life experience have given me the resources to be here to serve today.

I can no longer ignore the call. I am here to serve.

I know it is my time to step out of my comfort zone to serve you.

Is it your time to step forward for humanity?


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