Save the date for this FREE 3 part video series that explores what it means to be an Awakened Entrepreneur, how to thrive in the chaos and stay mentally resilient in the toughest of times.

We explore why understanding and living as an Awakened Entrepreneur is key to the future of the planet and how you are an integral part of this.

You get to identify your role, and get clear on  what you would like to create for your future.


How to plan to thrive, creating the new emerging, alternative economy.

How to build a successful independent business that helps you create an  income through service, community and support, doing what you were called to do, while using alternative, off system resources every step of the way!

Because you KNOW it's time for you to step up and help shape the future for you, your family and your clients. You know you need a sustainable, growing, 'awakened' business outside of the system, that uses 'alternative tech', and supports you in delivering what you are here to do on the planet!

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