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 Mind Magic for Entrepreneurs!

Podcast - New Episodes Weekly

Join me every week for my latest episodes, interviews and topics on Choosing your way to the Life and Business you want - especially in these chaotic times.



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Financial Breakdown! - Incoming

Navigating Financial Crisis 

Join me Live on Zoom to explore ways to navigate a financial crash, while identifying and taking advantage of opportunities to prosper in your Awakened Business.     



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Are You An Awakened Entrepreneur?

Support and Community

Join our new free, private community, where you get access to a secret podcast and a whole host of resources, Live sessions and an upcoming mini series to help you navigate World Wobble.             


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Facilitating Magic

1 to 1 Coaching/Consultancy

Break through to the next level in your online business and Leadership.
In my Coaching and Consultancy I work with you to achieve that next milestone success, whatever that is for you.


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Transform Your Content into a Profitable Coaching Program

Tried selling eBooks but saw little profit? Perhaps it lacked personal interaction. Learn how to create a valuable Coaching Program and launch it within 7 days, using content and a list you already have..

  • Do you want to create an injection of cash into your business before¬†Quarter 1¬†is out?
  • Do you want to add a higher ticket coaching program yet you get stuck in the 'how' to create it?
  • Have you already¬†got quality content you have sold before (e-book, course, Blog posts, webinar)?
  • Do you have an engaged email list but think it's too small to offer coaching to (50+)?
  • Are you looking to go from¬†idea for your Coaching Program to launch¬†with a¬†simple, clear, step by step, paint by numbers plan in 7 days or less?
  • Do you need the motivation to take Action and just get it done?
  • Would you like to recoup the investment ten times over with your first launch?
  • ¬†Have you been¬†overwhelmed by choices and a lack of time and can't seem to get that offer out?
  • Are you looking for guidance about what to do, and when?
  • Have you never got around to offering your Coaching Program¬†because you are procrastinating and can never seem to¬†launch?
  • Are you willing to invest a mere ¬£297¬† ¬£55 to create a course you could sell for 10x as much?

The May Sale is on! £55 (down from £297) for May 2024 only!!


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25 Ideas for Generating Money Now! - Take the Stress Out of Your Finances.

Have you thought of all of the ways you can generate some additional cash in your business (or in your life) in the next few weeks?
I've put together a short PDF with 25 ways you could create cash in you life and business in the next 30 days, and it's FREE.
  • Feeling stressed and just can come up with new income generating ideas?
  • Worried about bills and staying afloat?
  • Looking for simple ideas you can implement now?
  • Feeling lost¬†with no solutions in sight?¬†
  • Looking for¬†some tips and suggestions that you can start today?¬†
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Your Invitation to Join This Months FREE Masterclass - Goal Setting with the Woo for Success

Sunday, April 27th 2024 - 7 PM (UK) - Zoom

It's that time of year for reviewing the performance of our business, assessing the results, taking the lessons and envisioning what we want for next chapter.

Would it help to know how to use the magic of Neuro Science, the quantum field intuition and a little bit Woo, to sprinkle certainty into your dreams for 2024?

Join me on Wednesday 27th April to learn some ninja, out there techniques to craft and attract what you want for Q2 2024 and beyond.

This is 3 hours of pure value and magic!

Come prepared to do the work.

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Podcast in a Weekend - Take the Stress Out of Launching Your Podcast.

Plan, create and implement your podcast in 2 laser focused, 1-1 consulting days.

  • Looking to go from¬†idea to launch¬†with a¬†simple, clear plan?
  • Considering¬†quitting because you are procrastinating and can never seem to¬†launch?
  • Worried about being¬†overwhelmed by tech and a lack of time?
  • Feeling lost¬†with no one to ask or to help you on a regular basis?¬†
  • Looking for¬†someone to guide you about what to do, and when?


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Take The Terror Out Of Tech

'Just in Time' Digital Marketing and Tech Support for Busy Entrepreneurs

Tech Help When You Need It


Whether you're in the middle of a launch or want to run an Evergreen promotion and the tech gets in your way, Just in Time Tech support is the best way to make sure you have help when you need it most.

With the Just in Time' Digital Marketing and Tech Support Package, you learn just what you need, when you need it for your business.

You are guided step by step to implement as you learn, in bite-size increments; Enough to get you to the next step.
This keeps you out of overwhelm, and prevents you wasting time on expensive courses that sap your energy, that you probably don’t finish, you get bogged down with, and that fail to provide that 'immediacy, ask any question, one-to-one, high touch', approach.

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Who is Taking Your Business Online and What Makes Them Different?

Taking Your Business Online helps awakened entrepreneurs future-proof their businesses against collapse by building on decentralized tech. Unlike competitors focused on centralized models, we empower clients to own their data, assets, and communities. This decentralized approach makes businesses anti-fragile, transparent, and aligned with emerging social values. We guide each client to build an ethical, sustainable brand that provides true value even in uncertain times."

In summary, the key differentiation is the focus on decentralization for anti-fragility and transparency, which deeply aligns with the values of our ideal customer - the 'awakened' entrepreneur seeking meaning and contribution beyond profit. This differentiation stems from our unique perspective on the future and commitment to equipping businesses to thrive through inevitable shifts ahead.

Introducing Heather Masters, founder and Awakened Entrepreneur

Heather Masters is the founder of Taking Your Business Online and was born and raised in the North of England. She‚Äôd love to say it was warm and sunny but ‚Äėatmospheric weather‚Äô seems more fitting. After a lifetime of being a bit of a nomad, she now resides in the beautiful Northumberland National Park and runs her business from her home. ¬†For the last 25+ years, Heather has leveraged her variety of expertise to help small businesses and Entrepreneurs with strategy, technical writing and support, project management, systems and processes and Online/Digital marketing, to grow and¬†evolve their businesses.¬†

She offers practical and empowering training, coaching, facilitation and mentoring as well as a private community, podcast and courses, including the Online Success Academy.

Heather is reshaping Taking Your Business Online and focusing in on helping Awakened Entrepreneurs to navigate the global chaos, and the challenges specific to small and solo businesses around the world. She is working on a new signature program for Awakened Entrepreneurs to help them grow into the 'parallel economy'. 

You can join the private (Kajabi) community by clicking the button  below.

From Heather...

"I consider myself an Awakened Entrepreneur. I have the gift (or curse) of seeing the bigger picture, along with the ability to make connections where others may not see them.

This served me well working as a consultant and consultancy manager for software companies and for Financial Services organisations (including banks) over 20 + years.

Seeing the big picture over the last three years has allowed me to take action to change my circumstances and prepare for the unknown. 

I know I am here for a reason and that I have a specific purpose to fulfil during these unprecedented times. After much resistance - this is me showing up to serve and assist Entrepreneurs to build freedom based,  sustainable, decentralized businesses that empower them financially and spiritually to thrive, even in the face of societal collapse. ."


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Available Now... 

Right now, Heather is hosting weekly live webinars, (covering such topics as growing your business in turbulent times, exploring alternative/disruptive platforms, tech, finance, funnels, strategy, growth, content marketing and more).

She is currently creating a Starter Pack for Online Entrepreneurs to support them in reviewing and replanning their businesses and finances so they thrive during these extraordinary times (planned for release May 2024).

Through Taking Your Business online, Heather also offers Intuitive and NLP based facilitation and coaching for individuals to bridge the gap between where they are and where they want to be.



A little More About Heather...

When Heather isn't working, she can be found walking with her best friends and companions, her two dogs Sandy and Blue. She's an avid reader, enjoys writing, and hosting an 8000+ strong Creative Writing group. She is an intuitive coach, fascinated by spiritual alchemy for good and is a student of all things woo, energy and consciousness.

Her motto is simple: Serve and serve so that you can truly flourish and live!

Need Support?

Email:¬†[email protected]

How Taking Your Business Online Help Their Clients

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Schedule a free 30 minute  Entrepreneur Clarity Consultation call to discuss your most pressing project and to get your questions answered.

Creating an online business can be daunting and take time and courage.

I am not one to pitch a fairy tale. It takes work, a willingness to walk in the unknown with dogged, unshakable commitment to create a successful Online Business that works on your terms.

These sessions are designed to meet you where you are. To help you move forward with the next key task. For you to identify effective and actionable steps that you can take now to advance your business. 

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Events, Masterclasses and Course Schedule

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Join me!- Awakened Wednesday Free Office Hours Live Call 

Want a chance to experience what it's like to work with me?

On the first Wednesday of every month, I offer a free 60-minute office hours call within the community on Kajabi. You can join our group session and ask me anything you want about Online Business, Tech, Marketing, Mindset etc.

First come. First served.

There are Two provisos:

1) The calls will be recorded and sections posted publicly to selected social media (Rumble ‚Äď some maybe to YouTube).

2) There will be a five-minute, shameless plug for my new Awakened Entrepreneurs Program in the middle.

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