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Whether you are looking to add an online element to your existing Service based business or you are starting over offline or online, we are here to help.
You'll find training, resources, technology support, coaching and courses (including our Online Success Academy).

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How to Master Crypto in as little as 3 days... even if you are a complete beginner!


7 video lessons about trading Crypto so you can finally be confident making trades.

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The Choosing Happy Podcast...

For awakened Entrepreneurs...


From Accounts to Sales to Zen and everything in between. Supporting you through turbulent times. 

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Business Boost Session

If you need support quickly, or have a show-stopping challenge then book a single Solution Session with Heather.

A 60 minute laser coaching session focused on you getting the outcome and transformation you want. 

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AWAKENED ENTREPRENEUR PIONEER MASTERMIND - 12 Months of Business Collaboration, Support, Training, Group Mentoring and Coaching.

All The Support, Resources and Tools You Need To Thrive as a  Successful and Independent Business in Crazy, Changing Times

Go From Stuck, Fearful and Struggling As An Awakened  Entrepreneur, to Having a Profitable  Business, On Purpose, Doing What you Love, while Contributing to the Future of Humanity

This is an opportunity for a unique group of (no more than 6) Small Business Owners to come together as a task force to:

  • navigate the unknown and rocky journey ahead, as a cohesive support system.
  • explore uncharted territory together, using unconventional methods to challenge outdated thinking, break through cognitive dissonance and free up the innovation and creativity required to take unprecedented actions to create a future they want to see for their businesses, families and communities.
  • Uncover new and exciting ways forward.
  • Create ground-breaking templates for success that are replicable and can assist other Awakened Businesses.

Here are some of the Resources, training and resources included in the Awakened Entrepreneur Mastermind:

  • Weekly Live sessions with your Mastermind Group to support you through challenging times.
  • Scenario and strategy sessions. Test your ideas in a safe environment.
  • Network and build relationships with like-minded business owners to create your inner circle community
  • Monthly Accountability Days
  • Access to Step by Step Modules, Online Workshops, Templates, Guides and Coaching to build your Awakened  Business
  • Private Community (not on Social Media)
  • 1- 1 Coaching support and Accountability 
  • Weekly Feedback/Q&A Sessions with Step By Step Guidance
  • Additional Resources (Tech, Finance and bonuses) to help you navigate the Awakening World.
  • Additional Planning/Open Space and strategy sessions adhoc as things unfold
  • And so much more...

You'll Get These Valuable and Extraordinary Bonuses:


Leading From Your Livingroom


Get Awakened Clients Challenge


Crypto for Business Basics

Vision to Reality & Million Dollar Day Workshop


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Introducing New Platforms, Tools and Resources to Create a Thriving Online/Offline Business Outside of Traditional Systems

Because you KNOW it's time for you to step up and help shape the future for you and your clients, you know you need to begin to think differently as the current business model and existing 'systems' become unsustainable.

Is it time to join a group of like-minded business owners set on growing forward thinking, innovative businesses, based on community and creating a sustainable future for us all?

Is it time to explore the emerging 'alternative platforms', where those who think like you can be found?

Is it time to finally acknowledge that the financial systems we grew up in and that have been enslaving us, need to be replaced by alternative ways of exchanging our energy, and it's up to us to create those alternatives (while in the interim using platforms outside of centralised systems)?

 Save the date for this FREE 3 part video series that explores the new emerging, alternative economy and how to build a successful online/offline business that helps you create an independent income through service, community and support, doing what you were called to do, while using alternative resources every step of the way! 

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Creating an Awakened business can be daunting take time and courage. I am not one to pitch a fairy tale, it takes work, a willingness to work in the unknown and dogged commitment. These sessions are designed to provide you with the tools to get you on the path to clarity and to help you create an inspiring vision to inspire you and your business through turbulent and extraordinary times.

I schedule Consultation calls on Tuesdays and Wednesdays between 12 noon and 3 pm and 6 - 8 pm  (UK - London).

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