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Taking Your Business Online helps awakened entrepreneurs future-proof their businesses against collapse by building on decentralized tech. Unlike competitors focused on centralized models, we empower clients to own their data, assets, and communities. This decentralized approach makes businesses anti-fragile, transparent, and aligned with emerging social values. We guide each client to build an ethical, sustainable brand that provides true value even in uncertain times."

In summary, the key differentiation is the focus on decentralization for anti-fragility and transparency, which deeply aligns with the values of our ideal customer - the 'awakened' entrepreneur seeking meaning and contribution beyond profit. This differentiation stems from our unique perspective on the future and commitment to equipping businesses to thrive through inevitable shifts ahead.



"I originally started my business to help fellow coaches, trainers, consultants and Entrepreneurs navigate the maze of the Online Marketing/Business world.

I have been working in marketing, training and coaching in this space since 2008 when I sold my first NLP Practitioner training online. It was technically, so much more complicated then.

Prior to that I was a freelancer in the systems development/software consultancy space (primarily in Financial sector) and held roles from developer to Programme/Project Manager, to VP of Professional Services.

I retrained in coaching and NLP (I have 3 coaching certifications and am a Certified trainer of NLP) and then in Online Business/Marketing.

I have worked on award winning coaching programs and set up successful Group mentoring programs for Small Business owners and Entrepreneurs in government sponsored projects.
I have also worked with my own coaching and consultancy clients since 2003.

I find the combination of my business and life experience come together often to serve my clients. Especially in what we are facing, globally, today."

 Heather V Masters



Taking Your Business Online was founded in 2011 by a visionary entrepreneur who saw the need for a more resilient approach to doing business in an increasingly unstable world.
Embracing Digital Marketing, emerging technologies and staying ahead of the curve to understand the future of business online.

In 2020, as economies and governments faltered, it became clear that centralized systems were vulnerable to collapse. This entrepreneur realized that decentralization was the key to building an antifragile business that could survive and thrive no matter what happened.

The journey began with educating business owners about blockchain, cryptocurrency, decentralized finance (DeFi), and other emerging technologies.

The message was clear: the future is decentralized.

Businesses need to transition from outdated centralized models to decentralized networks that distribute power and control. This prevents single points of failure and disruption.

Taking Your Business Online quickly became the premier resource for decentralized solutions for small businesses. It evolved into a passionate community of 'Awakened Entrepreneurs' who came together to learn, build, and spread the decentralization revolution. They understood the immense power of decentralization to create fairer systems, financial freedom, censorship resistance, and community resilience.

The brand's unique narrative is one of empowerment. Taking Your Business Online wants to awaken entrepreneurs to the potential of decentralization to level the playing field and create a fairer economy. The message is one of hope - that decentralized technologies can protect businesses and communities from centralized collapse while unlocking new opportunities.

At its core, Taking Your Business Online is guided by the vision of creating a decentralized future where businesses can thrive freely. The brand promises to be the trusted guide for any entrepreneur ready to take their business online to the decentralized frontier.

Purpose, Vision and Mission...


I believe my purpose in this unique moment on the planet, is to assist awakened and awakening entrepreneurs to step into their message and purpose, so that they can create a future of freedom and unlimited possibilities for themselves and for future generations.

Purpose of the business...

Taking Your Business Online empowers awakened online entrepreneurs to build sustainable businesses on decentralized technology, so they can thrive financially and maintain independence, even in the face of societal breakdown. We are committed to equipping our customers with the strategies, tools, and knowledge to succeed in the new decentralized economy.

We provide training, coaching, and community to help people transition their businesses to blockchain, crypto, and Web3 platforms. Our promise is to guide entrepreneurs to true autonomy and abundance.

The Vision:

Taking Your Business Online envisions a future where online entrepreneurs build sustainable, decentralized businesses that empower them financially and spiritually to thrive, even in the face of societal collapse.

Our goal is to awaken entrepreneurs to the possibilities of blockchain, crypto, and web3 so they can remain resilient. We aspire to guide every customer to financial and location independence.

Our vision is a world where awakened entrepreneurs use their independent business and advances in technology to create abundance and freedom for themselves and their families.


Taking Your Business Online enables awakened entrepreneurs to build sustainable businesses utilizing decentralized technology.

We provide the knowledge and tools to thrive in the new economy.

Our expertise in online business, digital marketing tech, blockchain, crypto, and web3 sets us apart from traditional business coaches.

Our unique proposition is future-proofing businesses to withstand global instability.


Core Values:

Taking Your Business Online Core Values:

- Sustainability - Guiding entrepreneurs to build businesses that can withstand economic volatility and decentralization for long-term success.

- Independence - Providing the tools for entrepreneurs to operate outside of traditional systems, become financially free and retain control.

- Innovation - Embracing new technologies and financial models like decentralization to create robust businesses.

- Community - Fostering a culture of collaboration among like-minded entrepreneurs rather than competition.

- Empowerment - Enabling entrepreneurs to take charge of their financial future and build generational wealth.

- Education - Committing to continuously learn and provide knowledge about decentralized systems for business.

- Integrity - Operating transparently and ethically at all times to build trust with our audience.

- Accessibility - Making complex topics relatable and actionable for entrepreneurs of all backgrounds.

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