Welcome to Taking Your Business Online...

I originally started my business to help fellow coaches, trainers, consultants and Entrepreneurs navigate the maze of the Online Marketing/Business world.

I have been working in marketing, training and coaching in this space since 2008 when I sold my first NLP Practitioner training online. It was technically, so much more complicated then.

Prior to that I was a freelancer in the systems development/software consultancy space (primarily in Financial sector) and held roles from developer to Programme/Project Manager, to VP of Professional Services.

I retrained in coaching and NLP (I have 3 coaching certifications and am a Certified trainer of NLP) and then in Online Business/Marketing.

I have worked on award winning coaching programs and set up successful Group mentoring programs for Small Business owners and Entrepreneurs in government sponsored projects.
I have also worked with my own coaching and consultancy clients since 2003.

I find the combination of my business and life experience come together often to serve my clients. Especially in what we are facing, globally, today.


Purpose and Mission...


I believe my purpose in this unique moment on the planet, is to assist awakened and awakening entrepreneurs to step into their message and purpose, so that they can create a future of freedom and unlimited possibilities for themselves and for future generations.

I believe, if I join the dots, that's why I am here  at this unique time

To help those who are struggling with fear, grief, cognitive dissonance, overwhelm and/or resistance to get clear on their message and purpose, and step up, take action and make the impact they are here to make.

Whether that's to grow their business, build resilience and create the life they want for themselves while laying new foundations and possibilities for future generations...

Or to just get through this safely, while providing for your family and loved ones.

Unlike those who don’t see the bigger picture and are focused on creating a life and business for a world and systems that very possible and very soon may no longer exist; I hope to offer potentials, possibilities and scenarios that you can pick and choose from in order to navigate your way through this time into what lies beyond.

Because I have been (and sometime still am) where you are, I want to help.
I have resisted and struggled with ‘it can’t be true and don’t want it to be true’.
I have been through the trauma of waking up to ‘reality’ and wondering if I have gone mad.
I have nursed my elderly parents until they died.
I have lost my soulmate to an early passing.

How Do We Keep Going?

We are all unique. What works for one may not work for someone else.

I have focused on choosing to find the lessons, the positive and a vision for the future, while being presented with a dark external world of chaos and confusion. Choosing courage, resilience and light in order to step into my purpose and serve humanity.
It's not easy. I do this alone.
Like many of you I have lost friends and family to this division. 
I have had to come to terms with the fact that many may leave the earth plane in the coming months/years.

Yet this is what drives me to help others. 

Host of the Choosing Happy Podcast


If you want to learn how to master the emotional and mental rollercoaster of being an Awakened Entrepreneur...

If you are looking for tips and practical actions you can take to navigate the crazyiness...

If you are looking for ways to expand your thinking and uncover possibilities and opportunities to grow you business and serve in a bigger way...

Then you will love the Choosing Happy Podcast

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The Awakened Entrepreneur

I'm guessing you find yourself here because, like me, many things have changed for you and you find yourself in that wonderful place of uncertainty and infinite possibility. You have choices and quite frankly, you're not sure where to begin.

Hold tight and breathe deeply knowing you are safe. Commit to the journey and allow me to facilitate...

To begin again, to really start over, in a new time, a new economy, a new life, is a challenge for anyone.

This website is dedicated to helping you navigate the present, dream up/create the new and release the past. Be willing to rewrite your life, your middle and ending.

I have created a three part video series to facilitate you in preparing the way for the greatest journey of your life. It releases next month and you can sign up to be notified by clicking here.

I look forward to serving you.

Welcome to the journey of the Awakened Entrepreneur.



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