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From creating the foundations:
identifying your passions, vision, mission, ideal customer, USP and your niche…

To creating your digital and online strategy map:

marketing your business, using social platforms, creating apps, boosting your brand, sales funnel creation, email marketing, productivity planning, content management, automation of online marketing and more…

We can train you to do it for yourself (on site, online or at one of our digital retreats) or provide agency services to do it for you. Here’s more of what we offer…




Strategy and Planning

Facilitation and Training

Networking & Membership



We are a registered Provider for NBSL’s North East Business Support Fund helping businesses to improve their competitiveness. Find out more at  

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How Do I Know If I Need a Digital/Business Services?

What is Digital Business Coaching?
At Taking Your Business Online we focus on a ‘joined-up’ solution, integrating digital, social and technology into your everyday strategy and operations.

We provide a ‘hands-on’, experiential and free flowing style of blended coaching, mentoring and training, for those who are aiming for long-term success online.

We help you create long term digital and business strategies and action plans, as well as an Internet marketing Blueprint solution, to help you build brand, relationships, trust and ultimately increase revenue.

This is about us empowering you to design the solution that works for you.

A number of delivery options are available, including: One on one, group and bespoke solutions, on and offline.

Do You run public training and events?
Each year we offer a series of public live training courses as well as Mastermind events and an annual Business Boost Retreat.

In addition we have a Membership/Coaching Program, which combines Online training, coaching, support services, tool box and accountability/project management, with offline events, specifically for members – Online Success Academy.

Find out more here…
Online Success Academy

Do You Only Work With Established Companies?
We work mainly with established companies (1 year in business) but will consider working with younger businesses based on the maturity, knowledge and clarity of the business owner .

We have a short application process to ensure that we are the best fit to work with your business.

Do You Offer Ongoing Consulting Services?
Yes we offer ongoing consulting services as well as group solutions in the form of Mastermind and Group coaching programs.

Check out our services sections for further details.

How Do I Know if DIGITAL/Business Coaching Is Right for Me?
If you are struggling or are overwhelmed by the array of ‘Digital Solutions’ and Training, and maybe you have applied some of the learning and just aren’t getting the results you want for your business.

You know that Digital, Voice and Mobile Solutions can help your business, brand and Service Delivery, but want a more tailored and supportive solution than you’ve found so far.

If any of these resonate then Digital Coaching could be just what you are looking for.

Heather calls our services the ‘slimming club’ of digital and business services.

About Heather Bond

Business Facilitator, Coach, Trainer and Digital/Tech Supporter

Heather Bond is a business coach; facilitator and online/digital marketing expert who loves helping others develop effective business strategies. She works at the interface of technology and psychology and is an expert in Neurolinguistic Programming – a technique for accelerated learning which she uses to support her clients to get amazing results, while designing the lives and business they truly want. She has a toolbox of resources she uses to keep clients on track, while challenging them to breakthrough to the next level of success.

Heather and her company, Taking Your Business Online are based in Northumberland, United Kingdom and serve a local and global clientele


We are a registered Provider for NBSL’s North East Business Support Fund helping businesses to improve their competitiveness. Find out more at  

Applications can be sent to  

Companies & People I’ve Worked With

“…She was very good, inspiring, knowledgeable and informative…”
…The most important part was my product which I was stuck all the while…..precisely 10 plus years. Now the product is taking shape. I have clarity as to what I should sell and to whom. Sree

CEO, Casa Experenza,

..will help you identify and flow towards your purpose easily and effortlessly. This is your life, your chance to change and be all you know you were meant to be. Avril

CEO, Casa Carers

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This could be why!






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