Welcome Awakened Entrepreneur

Mar 29, 2022

The Awakened Entrepreneur

Are you someone who is awake to the Truth of what’s happening in the world as a whole and of the old, corrupt systems breaking down?

Are you awake to hidden agendas that are playing out against humanity?

Do you have or have had a business of your own and are unsure whether to continue or pivot.

I'm guessing you find yourself here because, like me, many things have changed for you and you find yourself in that wonderful place of uncertainty and infinite possibility. You have choices and quite frankly, you're not sure where to begin.

With everything that is shifting and changing as we march further into the unknown, maybe you are fearful for yourself and your family and/or maybe you doubt whether to continue with your existing business or to look for something else?

·        Are you feeling side swept, traumatised and uncertain of what to do next in your life and business?

·        Do you get fearful and despondent, trying to get your mind around this stuff that is so overwhelming and can be a struggle to comprehend?

·        You may even feel called to do something completely different and are questioning how that will work out?

Does this sound like you? Can you relate?

  • You have stood and are standing in your truth, for your values, for your sovereignty; for your right to choose.

  • You are a warrior in an unseen war against humanity.

  • You are likely to be witnessing the illness and loss of loved ones; your family and friends maybe rejecting you.

  • You may feel anger, disappointment, frustration, be despondent, depressed, desperate…

  • You want answers that no-one can give you.

  • You are looking for hope amongst the chaos as two sides of reality play out in front of you.

  • You feel you have a foot in each camp and are living a duel reality.

The World Has Gone Mad!

Unbelievable, often previously inconceivable events are unfolding and you watch in dismay as the masses (often your friends and family) accept without question.

It’s often really difficult to know what is real, who to trust, how to move forward.

People you thought you knew and would be with you through thick and thin are distancing themselves, even discarding your relationship and calling you out as someone to be shunned.

You are witnessing…

·        The world/systems as we knew it/them continue to collapse.

·        The big reveal of how controlled, gas lighted and deceived we have been.

·        The big reveal of unbelievable crimes against humanity.

·        The big reveal of our enslavement and abuse.

And what do you do with that?

To begin again, to really start over, in a new time, a new economy, a new life, is a challenge for anyone.

You would love some support from those who absolutely get you and what you are experiencing, because they are going through the same thing, experiencing the same struggles.

You feel a call to support humanity, to create or be part of a community, to forge a way forward, even if it is supporting yourself and your family before you can consider anything else.

Why the Awakened Entrepreneur?

I came up with the Awakened Entrepreneur concept when I was questioning my role and purpose in all of this. I want to support you and the community of ‘Awake’ business owners who are standing up for freedom and basic human rights.

The idea is to come together to help each other on this journey, while focusing on building a future that honours our individual and collective spirit; that supports a vision of true freedom, aliveness, and personal power beyond belief; that leaves a positive legacy for our children and recognises the unique contribution each one of us is here to make at this exceptional time on the planet.

Over the past two years I have had my mind blown wide open, yet I still uncover events and a reality that astounds me and shakes me to my core.
I still waver and find myself stuck and in darkness looking for answers I will never find.

My mission, I believe, is to help you and warriors like you, not only come to terms with the current unfolding of events, but to identify your unique role as an entrepreneur outside of the crumbling system; to support you in navigating this chaotic journey through the apocalypse while simultaneously creating a new world and a new future for our children.

My purpose here is to facilitate and encourage you to think beyond old paradigms (maybe not think at all), embrace your unique purpose, truth and contribution, while learning about new technologies, exploring new ways of doing business, expanding our consciousness, learning about alchemy and how to use your natural and supernatural skills to create the reality you want for yourself and your family.

The Warriors Call – Get Comfortable Not Knowing

If you are here and can relate, know you have greatness in you. You have what it takes; you are a warrior of light.

I do not pretend to have the answers. I ride the same rollercoaster as you.
I personally believe the first test is to get comfortable living in the unknown. From that space of not-knowing we will be shown the answers.

My Commitment to You

I offer you my ever changing knowledge, care and variety of skills; along with my intention to support your higher good and the higher good of all, as we travel this road together.

I am creating a free three part video series outlining the role and journey of the Awakened Entrepreneur, along with ways you can begin/continue to prepare for the greatest journey of your life and business.
It releases next month and you can sign up to be notified by clicking here.

I look forward to serving you.

Welcome, in love, light, freedom and sovereignty.

Welcome to the journey of the Awakened Entrepreneur.

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